Career Opportunities

To become a CA you need:

A university degree including 17 specified courses known as the 51 credit-hour requirement.
36 months of employment experience with an approved training office.
To pass the Core-Knowledge Examination (CKE).
To complete the ICAO School of Accountancy.
To pass the Uniform Final Exam (UFE).

At Chan Yu Wong LLP, we train CA students and prepare them for their careers in the accounting profession. The firm provides a wide range of professional services and products, and gives CA students varied experiences in serving clients with a broad array of industries and sizes. Our students work in teams to develop competence beyond academic and technical skills. They learn to build soft skills for today’s complex business environment, manage time to balance their life and work commitments, and develop a professional attitude towards a successful career. We look for students who have intellectual competence, motivation and dedication.

If you are a person who takes charge of your career growth, we welcome you to our team. Click here to apply online.
Click here to apply online.